We invite you to visit some of the most important and unique archaeological sites of the country and learn about the cultural heritage and other secrets kept by this ancient land. Here discoveries are still waiting their turn…
This program has been designed to develop new, essential knowledge about Georgia, its cultural heritage and unique archaeological sites by visiting dmanisi, the medieval site where archaeologists unexpectedly came across the remains of ancient men. The dmanisi remains are the oldest and the most primitive in Eurasia. We will explore dzalisi archaeological site, once the second Capital of kartli Kingdom. The site represents an amazing architectural complex and burial ground of the first settlements, dating back to the second millennium BC. The next site to visit is vani, the capital of legendary Colchis, where excavations revealed the sanctuary with traces of fire, numerous potteries and figurines of animals, sacrificial grounds, clay vessels, cult ritual remains, objects of household and weapons. We will also visit such sites as nokalakevi, a unique Political and historical center of Western Georgia between the 4-6th cc AD; uplistsikhe cave town from the 1st half of the 1st millennium BC; gonio fortress and other…


Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi / overnight Tbilisi
Day 2: Tbilisi sightseeing tour / overnight Tbilisi
Day 3: Day trip to Mstkheta & dzalisi / overnight Tbilisi
Day 4: Tbilisi – uplistsikhe – Kutaisi / overnight Kutaisi
Day 5: Kutaisi – nokalakevi – Batumi / overnight Batumi
Day 6: Batumi sightseeing tour / overnight Batumi
Day 7: Batumi – vani – Tbilisi / overnight Tbilisi
Day 8: Day trip to dmanisi & Sakdrisi / overnight Tbilisi
Day 9: Departure


Old and New Tbilisi; the town of Mtskheta (UNESCO site); dzalisi and dmanisi archaeological sites; rock-cut town of uplistsikhe (6th c BC), gelati monastery and bagrati cathedral (UNESCO sites); vani archaeological museum; the Black Sea shore and the town of Batumi; gonio Fortress (3rd c BC); Archaeological museum of Batumi; nokalakevi archaeological site; delicious food and wine.