In order to see the high peaks, roaring rivers and mountain lifestyle of Georgias
northern borderlands we will travel towards mtiuleti and khevi provinces via one of the oldest roads in Georgia, which the Russian Tsar Alexander I named the Georgian Military Highway. If weather conditions permit we'll see  ‘Mkinvartsveri or Kazbek  meaning ‘ice-top in English, spent volcano soaring to height of 5047 m. Mount Kazbek is the third highest and one of the best known peaks in the Caucasus. Its white pristine beauty wrapped in the rays of the rising sun almost fills the sky. Grand and dignified, it is at times capricious, even savage. Natives of khevi often call this giant volcano looming over their homes ‘the bride of the khevi.


Sites to visit:

jvari - 5th century church beautifully located on the top of the hill.
svetitskhoveli Cathdral – 11th cc. erected in the samespot, where Christ's robe was buried.
ananuri - 16th – 17th cc fortress and church. The complex comprises fortification, 2 churches and civic buildings. ananuri was a kind of a guardian of North boarders of Georgia.
• Gergety Trinity Church – the most important altar of 14th century, located on the slope of Mount Kazbek. The stone decoration represented on the façade of the church, lead us to the ancient rituals and believes.  (2-3 hours walking tour to visit church located on the top of the hill ).