Located on the edge of Europe and Asia, Georgia boasts both Mediterranean and European cultures. The country is an amazing cluster of cultures, religions and fascinating landscapes from snowy peaks of the Caucasus mountain range, fertile lowlands, steeps and deserts to wetlands and subtropics.
The UNESCO sites, impressive rock-cut monasteries and cave towns as well as millennia old archaeological sites and remote areas make Georgia an attractive destination. The color and richness typical for Georgian art are expressed in soaring architectural monuments and splendid wall paintings, mosaics and handcrafts. Here you come across the profound evidence of a flourishing culture, which is rich in cultural sites and museums.
Georgia captures the attention of those with spirit of adventures and a thirst for discovery. While travelling across relatively small


Day 1: Arrival Tbilisi / overnight Tbilisi
Day 2: Tbilisi sightseeing tour / overnight Tbilisi
Day 3: Trip to Mountain region via town of Mtskheta / overnight Gudauri
Day 4: Trip to Kutaisi via Gori and uplistsikhe cave town / overnight Kutaisi
Day 5: Kutaisi sightseeing tour - drive back to Tbilisi /overnight Tbilisi
Day 6: Trip to kakheti – wine region via sighnaghi / overnight sighnaghi
Day 7: sighnaghi - david gareja cave monastery – Tbilisi / overnight Tbilisi
Day 8: Departure


Old and New Tbilisi; the  town of Mtskheta (UNESCO site); ananuri Architectural complex; Mt. Kazbek (Mkinvari) and Gergety Trinity church (14th  cc.); rock-cut town of uplistsikhe (6th c BC); town of sighnaghi surrounded by the defensive wall; david gareja cave monastery; delicious food and wine.