Despite its small territory Georgia is covered with a large variety of vegetation, this variety is caused by a considerable difference between the Western and Eastern climate. The structure of the landscape as well as that of the mountain ranges has largely contributed to this geographical system, which has resulted in a high level of endemic variety. Georgian flora comprises around 4,200-4,500 species of vascular plants, 675 mosses, 1763 algae, 6337 fungi, 738 lichens. Out of all the vascular species distributed in Georgia 380 (9.0%) are endemic to the country and 600 (14.2%) endemic to the Caucasus.
Almost 40% of Georgias territory is covered with various types of forests. Approximately 5% of natural forests are practically virgin and 40% have kept their primary structure. There are unique formations and ecosystems in Georgia: sub-alpine forests, meadows, wetlands, peat bogs, coniferous and beech forests, oak-wood, narrow mountainous gorges, Mediterranean and Semi-Mediterranean formations, steppes, arid light forests and flood-plain forests. Our botanical tour covers most of the formations described above and in choosing this trip you will become familiar with the beauty of Georgian nature.

Day 1: Arrive in Tbilisi / overnight Tbilisi
Day 2: Tbilisi – Gudauri (afternoon walk to Fire Cross Tower) / overnight Gudauri
Day 3: Full day in Khada Gorge / overnight Gudauri
Day 4: Drive to Jutta for the big Chaukhi mountain walk / overnight Kazbegi
Day 5: Kazbegi Region / overnight Kazbegi
Day 6: Kazbegi – Mtskheta – Kutaisi / overnight Kutaisi
Day 7: Kutaisi – Mestia / overnight Mestia
Day 8: Mestia / overnight Mestia
Day 9: Mestia – ushguli – Mestia / overnight Mestia
Day 10: Mestia – Tbilisi / overnight Tbilisi
Day 11: Tbilisi sightseeing tour including Botanical garden / overnight Tbilisi
Day 12: Departure


Endemic species to Georgia and the Caucasus are: Iris Iberica, Hypericum Thethrobicum, and Senecio Rhombifolius, Gadelia lactiflora, Senecio rhombifolius, S.propinquus, Heracleum asperum, Silene multifida, Aconitum orientale, Ligusticum alatum,Variety of Rumex, Digitalis ciliata,Variety of Ranunculus, Trifolium pratense, T.ambiguum, T.canescens, Vicia balansae and ect.)