Explore picturesque and the most fertile part of Georgia - kakheti, which borders the Great Caucasus range from the north Alazani Valley, summits of which are over 3,000 m. This region is known as a birthplace of viticulture and wine- making. The reach land, burning sun and hard work have developed about 500 varieties of vine in Georgia. The history, culture and lifestyle of Georgians are embodied in Georgian wine. It is a symbol of Georgian hospitality, friendship, tolerance and a key to the mystery of Georgian longevity. Enjoy breathtaking views of Kizikhi area and unusual Charm of Signagi Royal Town. Have a walk in narrow streets of the town in shadow of wooden balconies richly decorated with the lace of carved ornaments.


Sites to visit

  • Tsinandaly Family Estate,Its beautiful English style park and centuries old Wine cellar.
  • alaverdi Cathedral 11th cc. Symbol of Blossoming of Georgian Culture.
  • IlaltoAcademy Complex – 11 th Cultural, religious and educational centre of Eastern Georgia.
  • Signagi - a Royal town surrounded by the defensive walls with 23 towers. Each of these towers were named after nearby villages and respective families and served as a refuge in case of danger. The town was mainly inhabited by merchants and artisans. It had many gates through which numerous Silk Road travellers from Asia and Europe passed on their way.
  • Bodbe nunnery complexwas founded during St. Nino's earthly life, in the first part of the fourth century. During the Middle Ages Bodbe Convent represented ecclesiastical and cultural centres of the country.