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air tickets

Air Tickets and Reservations.

Make a reservation or purchase any type of air ticket and other available GDS services from us, processed by IATA agency CTS LLC (Caucasus Travel Services).
Don’t hesitate to contact us for: international, regional, and domestic regular flights, charters, or air taxis.

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Truly unforgettable – Directly upon arrival

The first minutes in an unknown place can be confusing, even for experienced travelers. Our Meet & Greet staff will make it easy and comfortable for you, directing you to your hotel, providing all necessary information for you, and familiarizing you with your new surroundings. These airport VIP services include a meet and assist, welcome drinks, private lounge reservations, executive car transfer, and more.


Move with confidence for leisure, exploration, or business

We are glad to offer transfers and transportation by all kinds of vehicles for individual travelers and groups. Car rental and chauffeur services are at our guests’ disposal. CT provides you with the most updated fleet of cars and professional and friendly drivers. You only need to choose the vehicle you prefer. We are also keen to help in planning your trip by adding local knowledge.


Couple comfort with tradition and keep exclusive quality standards wherever you stay

Our accommodation includes unique hidden gems ranging from a night in a historic building to a weekend in a local chateau, all meeting our high standards for quality and comfort. Have a look at our photo gallery for inspiration. How about a modern, state-of-the-art designed hotel, a chateau offering 5* service, a boutique family house, or maybe a fancy hotel in a 200-year-old building? We always have something special to offer you!

We have a wide choice of international and local hotels with high-quality hospitality services that combine comfort and tradition. Our visitors can choose from a wide range of accommodation, from beautiful guesthouses to superior hotels. Cooperating with hotels of all categories, we are able to provide exceptional deals for our customers.


Food is unquestionably Georgia’s main attraction

The supra (feast) is an integral part of the Georgian lifestyle. Let us help you visit the best places to dine, wine cellars, and farms. Be guided by renowned chefs, sommeliers, local farmers, and winemakers. Places both sophisticated and simple will introduce you to a new world of cuisine and wine. Try a myriad of wines in fine restaurants, gorgeous chateaus, and atmospheric maranis (wine cellars), as well as in scenic vineyards – the opportunities are endless.

The flavor of local dishes will lead you across Georgia’s many regions, allowing you to experience the full essence of the unmistakably distinct and unforgettable Georgian cuisine. Enjoy the diversity and richness of Georgian wines. Our team gives you the greatest possible options for enjoying the delicious cuisine with friends or family, whether you are in the highlands or lowlands, cosmopolitan cities or remote villages.


Feel yourself at home and experience the absolute best

Access to the greatest places, sporting or cultural venues, tickets to opera, jazz festivals, theaters, entry to great events, clubs, and unique meetings… is available to you. Flowers, baskets of gifts and sweets, exclusive wines and spirits, fantastic shopping raids, and much more are all delivered with understanding, knowledge, and expertise. Allow us to assist you in designing a map of points of interest and an entertainment plan to make your stay unforgettable.

Our concierge staff takes pleasure in making your stay memorable. Apart from the luxury dining, shopping, and gifts, we are glad to offer unforgettable short journeys by chauffeur-driven cars or helicopter flights to sites, villages, and remote places for extraordinary experiences, such as skiing on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, horseback riding, fine or traditional dining in extraordinary settings, and much more.


Lucky enough to be in Georgia on a business trip or other occasion?

Don’t let the noisy city take up all your time here! Our tailored day trips include visits to a selection of the most important sites in the cities and the country: UNESCO Heritage, centuries-old churches, cave towns, museums, and more. Have an opportunity to meet with locals, experience 4x4 wheel drive adventures, whitewater rafting, biking, horseback riding, exploring archaeological sites, and, of course, enjoy the exquisite food and wines.

If you came to Georgia on business or for another reason, and are based in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi or elsewhere, we are here to provide fascinating day-tours or shorter excursions to the best locations of interest, whether they are natural, architectural, or historical monuments or other attractions located within a reasonable distance or time. Because Georgia has a rich pattern of varied locations, we are fully flexible in tailoring a bespoke trip of your choice.
See below for just a few of our most demanded tours from Tbilisi, where most people find themselves based during their visit to Georgia.

Tbilisi Classic Tour

A blend of cultures, the smell of spices, different nations meeting on street corners, different faiths sharing the same courtyards… this is Tbilisi. The city’s picturesque tiny alleyways, market squares, and inner courts are encircled by balconies embellished with wood lacework. Walk along Rustaveli Avenue, explore the old town and visit its bustling markets, the ancient sulfur baths, magnificent churches and much more.

Tbilisi Museum Tour

Enjoy a Tbilisi sightseeing tour exploring museum treasures offering timeless journeys into Georgia’s rich history and cultural heritage. The program offers a visit to three state museums: The National Museum and its treasury, the National Gallery, and the Open Air Ethnographical Museum. While walking along the old town, visit numerous galleries and exhibition areas offering a wide choice of interesting exhibitions.

Hidden Treasures of Tbilisi

Explore the hidden gems of Tbilisi’s historic streets and neighborhoods, off the beaten path of typical tourist routes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant history of the city and breathe in the living past. Surf through a variety of buildings, each with their own unique style and history, reflecting different times, religions, and social formations. Witness how pseudo-Gothic, Mauritanian, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau, and traditional Georgian architectural styles blend into perfect harmony, united by the unique “Tbilisian spirit”.

Mtskheta -The Ancient Capital

Discover the ancient charm of Mtskheta, a town steeped in history and revered as a cultural and religious hub of Georgia. The capital of the Eastern Georgian Kingdom of Iberia from the third century BC, it is situated at the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers, serving as a crossroads for many trade routes throughout time. Today it is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and serves as a living museum, boasting numerous architectural and historical sites for you to explore.

Kakheti - The Land of Wine

Explore the picturesque and fertile landscapes of Kakheti, the region known as the birthplace of viticulture and winemaking. The bountiful land, burning sun, and hard work have cultivated over 500 unique varieties of grapes found nowhere else in the world. During a Kakheti sightseeing tour, visit the most important cultural, religious, and wine related sites of the region and indulge in plentiful wine tastings that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Kartli – The Heart of Georgia

Embark to the land of Kartli, the heart of the country, a region renowned for its lush and fertile lands, numerous architectural monuments, and archaeological sites. This trip gives you an opportunity to visit the grandeur of Kartli: Mtskheta, the ancient capital of eastern Georgia, and the awe-inspiring rock-cut town of Uplistsikhe, situated near Gori, birthplace of Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin.

Walk Among the Main Caucasus Peaks

To marvel at the towering peaks, roaring rivers, and mountain lifestyles of Georgia’s northern borderlands, journey to the breathtaking Mtiuleti and Khevi provinces. If weather conditions permit, enjoy the magnificent views of Mkinvartsveri (aka Kazbegi), meaning ‘ice-top’ in English, a spent volcano soaring to the height of 5054 m. During the tour, visit Gergeti Trinity Church, located on the slope of Mount Kazbegi, and Ananuri Complex, overlooking the Jinvali Dam.

Follow the Ancient Footsteps of Man

Travel into the Kvemo-Kartli region, notable for its historical and archaeological legacy, which is in harmony with the surrounding landscapes and natural beauty. Visit the Dmanisi museum and archeological site – a medieval town located at the junction of two rivers where, in 1991, archaeologists discovered the remains of an ancient homo erectus couple who lived here 1.7-1.8 million years ago.

Picturesque Surroundings of Tbilisi

Tour Tbilisi’s southwest surroundings with its beautiful green foothills. Manglisi is one of Georgia’s oldest settlements, lying on the historic main road to the country’s provinces to the south. Following your visit to Manglisi Church, take a short stroll through a verdant woodland to the Betania Monastery, where the fragments of an impressive mural painting are preserved inside. The portraits of King George III, Queen Tamar, and her son, Lasha-Giorgi, are kept here.

Sighnaghi Royal Town

Explore Sighnaghi, a royal town surrounded by defensive walls with 23 towers. Each of these towers was named after a nearby village and served as a refuge in case of danger. Have a walk through the narrow streets, in the shadows of wooden balconies richly decorated with ornamentally carved lattices. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Kizikhi area, visit Bodbe Nunnery, and explore the treasures of the Sighnaghi museum, which includes an extensive collection of works by Pirosmani, who was born in a nearby village.

David Gareja Semi-Desert

Wander across the David Gareja Semi-Desert, unique for its wild nature, mural masterpieces, and rock-cut monasteries. During the tour, visit Lavra, the very first monastery of the complex founded by St. David, one of the Thirteen Assyrian Fathers who came to Georgia to strengthen the Christian faith. Walk through the rich lunar landscapes of colorful clay hills of the Gareja Semi-Desert.


Highly qualified guides make your travel pleasant and unique

Our guides are professional, well-trained, experienced, and highly educated individuals who love their job. Having a wide range of knowledge and interests, they are very enthusiastic to show the best of the country, provide interpretation on aspects of history, culture, social environment, and life.
For trekking, heli-skiing, ski touring, climbing and other adventure tours, we employ only UIAGM Certified professional mountain guides.